Real time school bus tracking system

Make your school transport system more productive, safe and parent friendly

  • Real Time Tracking

    Track your entire fleet in real time on a single mobile screen

  • Emergency Management

    Manage breakdowns or other unwanted incidents in timely and efficient manner

  • Parent App

    Provides real time tracking of school bus along with driver and vehicle information

  • Admin App

    A dedicated app for the school transport manager to manage the entire fleet from a single screen

  • Customize Reports

    Reports of timings, routes and driving pattern of buses to ensure punctuality and security

  • RFID Integration

    Automatically create bus attendance when students board or de-board the bus

  • Live CCTV Surveillance

    Internet enabled CCTV cameras to get a live view of student's travelling in the bus

  • Speed Limit Alerts

    Get notified when the driver exceeds speed limits or follow irregular driving patterns

Benefits for school administration

  • Real Time school bus tracking on mobile phones
  • Bus route optimization to reduce turnaround time, fuel consumption and expenses
  • Mogambo Screen®, that allows the transport manager to view live location of the entire fleet on a mobile screen or desktop.
  • RFID/CCTV Integration to keep a bird’s eye view on students and driver while they are en route
  • Real time notifications in case of speed limit violations, vehicle breakdown or other emergency situation.
  • Customized reports for the management related to bus timings, driving patterns or route taken by the driver to avoid illegitimate usage of transport system.

Benefits for Parents

  • Allows parents to view the real time location of their kid’s school bus on their mobile
  • Peace of mind and reduced waiting time at bus stops everyday
  • Allows them to drop their kid to the next bus stop in case they miss the bus
  • Ensures safety and timely transit of students when they travel to school and back

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