Intuitive interface, powerful analytics and every other thing to monitor the flow of your money

Spreadsheets or other legacy systems lose viability as the need for a centralized financial system and visibility increases.  See all your accounts at one place with drilled down analytics and customized reporting capabilities.

  • A robust multi-company, multi-plant or multi-unit transaction processing system
  • Global accounting functionality for efficient functioning across existing & new markets.
  • Seamless integration with other business units and on the fly customization

Product Spotlights

Seamlessly integrated modules to handle all your finance related affairs


Order to cash

Maintain happy customers with timely and streamlined order entry, invoicing and delivery while efficiently collecting cash.


Procure to pay

Effectively manage the spending across your organization by streamlining the purchase of goods and services, sourcing, and invoices.


Multi unit Accounting

Manage finances of multiple business units through a single window.


Project Accounting

Drilled down analytical reports on project costing, revenue forecast, time lines and expenditures.


General Ledger

Input ledger entries through an easy and intuitive interface and reduce the time and energy spent for such activities.


P/L & Balance Sheet

Create reconsolidated P/L statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements within a matter of few clicks.

Features & Benefits

This is what that keeps us apart from the rest


  • Record and manage sales orders under clear terms of payment
  • Track invoices & send system generated customer invoices automatically to your customers according to a defined schedule
  • Analyze business in hand and forecast revenues
  • Analyze and rate customers based on the size of business and their payment history
  • Reconcile customer accounts at the click of a button
  • Manage taxes such as Service Tax, Modvat, etc. in an easy manner along with other statutory reports submissions
  • Automatic follow up for outstanding amounts with specific customers and automatically record receipts in the account books
  • Generate TDS certificates automatically through the system
  • Integrate purchasing department with accounts payable department by auto-posting to account books feature
  • Analyze vendor-wise procurement trends and prices to enable better price negotiation
  • Analyze expenses and enforce internal spending controls
  • Generate and send Purchase Orders through the system
  • Enjoy real time reporting and multi-dimensional business analysis
  • Create multi-currency global taxation rules
  • Generate standard statutory reports
  • Manage accounts across defined profit centres
  • Reconcile and prepare P&L, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements
  • Prepare and record vouchers
  • Input ledger entries through an easy and intuitive interface and reduce the time and energy spent for such activities


  • Universal accounting functionality that scales with your organization
  • Uniform user experience across all accounting functions
  • A comprehensive view of the customer potential to the Finance, Sales & Service departments
  • Enhanced visibility to the high growth centres
  • Shortened period close
  • Seamless integration with Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay
  • Optimized resource utilization in billing and ordering through automation
  • Timely release of payments to vendors resulting in better relationship and favourable credit facilities
  • Reduced work-load for the purchase department
  • Automated Service Tax, modvat calculation
  • Optimized expenses through mapping of business function and expense
  • Comprehensive asset management and greater asset ownership visibility
  • More informed decision making owing to greater visibility of sales data
  • A streamlined and well-managed cash flow
  • Faster debt realization & shorter invoicing cycle
  • Alignment to Compliance and Governance requirements
  • Timely and efficient execution of deliveries in sync with the sale order