17Apr 2016

School Bus Tracking System: Why is it the next big thing for schools in India?
BYKunwar Jolly
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The Indian K12 education industry has observed a lot of technology penetration across various departments in the past few years. With introduction of smart class technology and other such AV applications, the education delivery methodology has taken a giant leap. And similarly, technology has also strengthened the school management practices, that used used to be quite obsolete and inefficient a few years back. Implementation of school management software and related automation applications have made the management process simpler and efficient. We could hardly find any tier 1 or tier 2 school that functions without a school management software these days. Fierce competition and evolution of society into a mobile era has pushed IT companies to innovate and develop novel applications for their clients. The transport department in schools has hardly seen any application of technology in the past years. It has been almost 8 years when GPS technology was introduced in India for industrial use, but no technology company came up with its application for schools. The primary reason behind this languid move was inadequate smartphone penetration and high data charges across the country.  In the last two years, Indian society has showcased an insatiable appetite for digital mobile services and this has been no more than a revolution. Eventually many first generation entrepreneurs find a huge potential in automating school transport department and let stakeholders reap benefits of technology. Introduction of technology in the transport department can present school authorities with a plethora of features like:

Real time tracking of school buses

Students’s safety and coordination have always presented school authorities and parents with an array of challenges and responsibilities. Transport managers thrive hard to manage the fleet efficiently and ensure their timely transit. A school transport management system allows transport manager to track the entire fleet in real time, plan optimized routes and ensure minimum fuel and turnaround time. Most importantly, the parent app helps them track their kid’s school bus in real time, thus saving their precious morning time. They wouldn’t have to wait at the school bus stops everyday, restlessly waiting for the bus.

 En route CCTV surveillance 

The energetic and mischievous nature of children sometimes overrules the safety and decorum of the school bus, and eventually becomes a reason for a mishap. Surveillance cameras can become a virtual eye for the school management and helps them keep a check while they are en route to school or back home. The surveillance camera records the activities in the school bus while it is on transit and can be reviewed at the end of the day. If the school bus is equipped with IP cameras and wireless networking, it can even transit the live video feed to the school administration or parents, if required.

RFID based attendance system

A students boarding or departure status is widely dependent on speculations. Many a times it has been observed that students board the wrong bus or depart at the wrong bus stop, leaving the parents and school administration in state of panic. This situation can be prevented by installing a RFID card reader in the school bus. Students would need to carry a small RFID card that logs each student’s entry and exit from the bus bus door using long range RFID readers. Applane’s school bus tracking app can be integrated with RFID systems and can provide desirable notifications to school administration and parents.

And by way of experience, unfortunately, Indian education system has been a laggard when it comes to adopting new technology in this digital era. The major reason behind this resistance has been a fear of change. It is a prerogative responsibility of the school administration to provide a secure and safe transit. Applane Track is the only school bus tracking system that works on a hybrid model by either using a GPS device or merely a mobile app with the bus driver. Do contact us to equip your transport system with Applane Track and join the league of elite schools.