29Jun 2016

4 tips to increase efficiency of your transport department
BYKunwar Jolly
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School transport management is a tough task to handle. However, using the right process and tools can show welcoming results.  Having a 360 degree view into the components of transport system like safety, cost management, driver accountability, maintenance, etc. can help transport managers to efficiently manage the fleet and keep parents and students happy. Here are a few steps that can assure high performance of your fleet.

1. Introduce Technology

It would be needless to say that technology can significantly lessen your efforts to increase the efficiency of your fleet. A school management software can help you increase vehicle utilization, minimize fuel consumption, manage emergencies in a better manner, reduce operational costs and most importantly, make the fleet safe and secure for student.

2. Enhance productivity

Carelessly route planning school bus routes and poor driving performance by drivers can lead to increased fuel consumption and threat to school bus safety. Buses may not reach destinations in time and the parents have to unnecessarily wait at the bus stops. School bus tracking software helps the transport manager to plan optimized routes for the buses. This can also help drivers to manage their time and reach school bus stops without delay

3. Educating drivers about their responsibility

School bus drivers play an important role in the school transport department. However, at times, they can cause problems that can affect the reputation of their school. Therefore, it is necessary to make the drivers aware of their responsibilities. Educating them about the significance of their role can help you mitigate risks. A School Bus Tracking application can help your track the performance of the school bus drivers. When they know that they are under surveillance, they tend to follow rules and regulations and take up their responsibilities. Also you can eliminate problems like unnecessary fuel consumption, fuel theft or illegitimate usage of school vehicle.

4. Meet parent’s expectations

Parents expect the school transport to be punctual, safe and comfortable for their kids. No one likes waiting at the school bus stops every day. Though, due to unexpected traffic conditions its makes difficult for school bus drivers to reach the designated bus stops on scheduled time. Introduction of technology here can at least help parents to save their precious time everyday. A school bus tracking app allows parents to track their kid’s school bus in real time, and thus they can reach the bus stop just on time.

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