Master of Cloud

Applane is a nimble, intelligent and scalable platform planned and designed for the cloud. This is unlike most cloud based software which were never meant to run on the cloud.


One Solution

Applane is focused on making your entire organization a better managed one rather than automating a single process or function like most independent cloud based software do such as CRM, HR, accounting, etc.


Start from anywhere

Applane doesn't force you to do everything in one go. In fact, it proposes an incremental adoption into your organization. Identify your biggest pain or improvement areas to begin with. What troubles you most ?


99% Uptime guarantee

With Applane, service performance and reliability is top priority. Each subscription includes a 99.9% financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA). We are accountable to customers if the service does not meet SLA standards.

Applane: Implementation of ERP has changed the whole scenario of HR department in the organisation. Now the HR Managers can easily track payrolls, salary slips, attendance, income tax, etc....

-12th August, 2013

The demand of cloud-based ERP system service has been exceptional. We introduced this ERP system in 2011 and have been observing year-on-year growth of around 40 percent, said Yogesh Agarwal, president, Applane

-9th January, 2014
Financial Times

Applane: Hi-tech classes put students on cloud nine. Schools use the application to update student's marks and generate their report cards, besides sending SMS to students about holidays and their results

-9th January, 2014

Applane: Gurgaon-based tech company bets big on education sector. The effective use of the technology is helping in minimising issues related to education delivery, student management and human resources

-13th July, 2013
Economic Times
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